Hive Cups Now available!!

US authorized distributors: 

Lucky Supply Authorized Hive Caps™ Distributor Florida


KingPin Tattoo Supply Authorized Hive Caps™ Distributor Florida

 Kingpin Tattoo Supply


Phucstyx Supply Authorized Hive Caps and Hive Caps DEEP Distributor Florida

Phucstyx Hive Caps

Electrum Tattoo Supply Authorized Hive Caps™, Hive Caps DEEP and Hive Cups Distributor Indiana

Electrum Supply

 Helios Tattoo Supply Authorized Hive Caps™ Distributor New York


West Phoenix Tattoo Supply  Authorized Hive Caps™ Distributor Arizona

 West Phoenix tattoo supply

Painful Pleasures  Authorized Hive Caps™, Hive Caps DEEP and Hive Cups Distributor Maryland

painful pleasures

Needle Supply Co. Authorized Hive Caps Deep and Hive Cups Distributor Arizona

Ultimate Tattoo Supply  Authorized Hive Caps Distributor South Carolina

ultimate tattoo supply south carolina

Pro Source Tattoo Supply  Authorized Hive Caps™,  Distributor Michigan


hive caps pro source


Nuclear Tattoo Supply  Authorized Hive Caps™ Distributor  California

Hive Caps Nuclear Tattoo Supply

Incienco PR Now Available (Puerto Rico)


Rock of Ages Now Available (California)


Coalition Tattoo Supply (Washington)

coalition tattoo supply hive caps

Canada Distributors:

Good Guy Tattoo Supply Authorized HiveCaps™ Distributor  Canada

 Good Guy Supply

Costa Rica Distributors:

Bishop Rotary CR  Authorized HiveCaps™ Distributor  Costa Rica


Europe Distributors:

Killer Ink Supply Now Available (Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Norway, Finland , Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands)

Baltik Body Art Now Available (Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and Spain)

Baltik Body Art

Nordic Tattoo Supply Now Available (Finland)


Lucky Supply Now available in Europe!


South Africa Distributors:

Lighthouse Tattoo Supply Authorized Hive Caps Distributor South Africa

Lighthouse Tattoo Supply South Africa

Australia Distributors:

Protatt Tattoo Supply (Australia)

New Zealand Distributors:

Lucky Supply (New Zealand) 

Lucky New Zealand HiveCaps

Russia Distributors: 

Odin Tattoo Shop (Russia)

 Central and South AmericaDistributors:

Freak Factory Needles/Mithostattoo (Central and South America)

Daruma Tattoo Studio (Chile)

Argentina Supplies (Argentina)